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CART (Communication Access
Realtime Translation) Services

For individuals or groups in all types of settings:

Do You Need CART?

You're Not Alone!

Source: Hearing Loss Association of America


“When Norma started captioning my lectures in my second year, I noticed an amazing difference. All of the energy I had been spending on hearing the words, I could now spend learning the material. Norma has made an incredibly positive impact on my medical education. Not only has she made my life so much easier, but she has done so in a kind and professional manner. She blended into the classroom atmosphere and allowed my classmates and professors to quickly become comfortable with her presence. In fact, classmates who sat behind us often commented that they read over our shoulders to get information that they too had missed. She is intelligent and adaptable to any situation, which inspires confidence in her and her abilities. Her captioning is highly accurate, with very little delay. She is passionate about her work and is a great advocate for equal access for all. I consider myself lucky to be able to say that Norma Miller is my CART provider.” —Alycia Horn, M.D., UVM College of Medicine